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Who Are We?

The Macarthur Law Society is the voice for more than 240 members of the local Legal Profession.

We encourage the professional and personal development of our members, as well as advocate for law reform through dialogue with governments, parliamentary bodies and our parent body, the Law Society of New South Wales.

Our mission is to provide leadership in the development of fraternity and co-operation between members. We are working hard to better the legal profession in the region, whilst also advocating for greater access to justice for the Macarthur community.

Our Executive 2023

Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon


Anthony Gordon is the President of the Macarthur Law Society. Anthony manages the Camden Office of Marsdens Law Group and is a General Practitioner. As a General Practitioner he acts for clients in all areas of Criminal Law, Property and Conveyancing, Family Law, Commercial and Estate Planning.

Anthony attended the University of Wollongong and University of Western Sydney where he studied Law. Anthony also attended high school in the Macarthur area and is a St Gregory’s College Campbelltown alumni. Anthony currently volunteers to adjudicate the New South Wales Law Society Mock Trail competition for the High Schools of the Macarthur area and is a Sessional Lecturer at Western Sydney University.

Anthony plays an active role in the Macarthur community though his involvement with various charities and social organisations. Anthony is a Board Member of Cobbitty Park Cricket Club where he has played over 200 games.

Anthony was born, raised and still resides in the Macarthur area. His family’s roots in the Macarthur area go back over 70 years and his family have been actively involved in the Macarthur Community for generations.

Kelly Stanford

Kelly Stanford

Vice President

I am an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, I have a Masters in Applied Law (Family Law) and am a Nationally Accredited Family Law Arbitrator, Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. I am also a wife, mother and grandmother. I cherish the time I have with my family and that is why I love helping other families.

I have been practising Family Law for over 20 years and after finding my client’s disillusioned with the Court system, I started looking for alternatives for them. In 2006 I undertook my training in Collaborative Family Law at the University of Technology. I then undertook training at Bond University studying Dispute Resolution and became a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator.

As there are always parties who cannot reach an agreement despite their best efforts, I undertook and completed my training as a Family Law Arbitrator and I now appear on the Federal Attorney General’s register of accredited arbitrators. This register is managed by AIFLAM .

There is a need for Arbitration to help families escape the financial stress that they are placed under following separation who are slowly working their way through the Court’s standard processes. Months and months of waiting for a decision leaves these parties paying mortgages and other family expenses with no end in sight and this financial distress is very real. Arbitration offers a fast track to a final and binding decision. The cost of Arbitration where the parties are happy for the matter to be dealt with on the papers, can be very cost efficient for them.

I am currently undertaking specialist advanced Arbitration training with AIFLAM and Bond University.

Outside of work I like spending time with my family and friends, reading, volunteering and spending time near the water. I am also a pet lover our office has a dog called Charli who spends most days with us unless she is busy with her groomer.

Sarah Searle

Sarah Searle

Krystle Wolthers

Krystle Wolthers

Nigel Myers

Nigel Myers

Events Coordinator / Social Media

Since his admission Nigel has become a dedicated practitioner and law educator having spent time working in Legal Aid and private, small, and mid-tier law firms, lecturing future lawyers at Universities and Private Higher Education Colleges and presenting legal issues at National and International Conferences.

Nigel has been recognised for work and commitment he has put into such committees of the NSW Young Lawyers such as: Animal Rights Committee, Family Law Committee, Human Rights Committee, and the Careers Committee. Nigel has been involved actively within these committees imputing and creating Practitioners Guides and drafting other publications of awareness.

Nigel opened up his own law firm in 2016 as Principal lawyer in his home town of Camden as well as expanding his skills as a registered Mediator.

Nigel currently holds the position of Events Coordinator on the Macarthur Law Society Committee.

Elyse Strahan

Elyse Strahan

Young Lawyers Delegate

Elyse is a Senior Lawyer at Coutts, working in the areas of Commercial Law & Litigation and Employment Law. Elyse is local to the Macarthur area and has close to a decades worth of experience in the legal industry.

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